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We specialize in British style ales, which pair nicely with our food menu items, including Fish and Chips, Shepherd's Pie and Corned Beef and Cabbage.  We have produced more than 25 distinct styles since opening.  We have 9 taps, two of which we reserve as guest taps for other regional independent craft brewers.
Rebecca's First Amber

This is a refinement of the recipe for the first beer that our founder Rebecca ever homebrewed and the first beer brewed at Iron Hand.  It is a classic Amber Ale, brewed with Maris Otter and crystal malts and balanced with Magnum hops.


Alc. 5.4% // IBUs 34
216 Calories, 12 oz serving

Ben's Oatmeal Stout

This stout uses Maris Otter base malt, toasted flaked oats, with pale chocolate and brown malts to give a full bodied beer with gentle coffee and chocolate tones.  The brew is balanced with Magnum hops.


Alc. 5.4% // IBUs 36
216 Calories, 12 oz serving

Lost Ring Porter

Our signature English Porter, named for a wedding ring lost while cultivating local hops.  This Porter uses Maris Otter base malt with brown and pale chocolate malts and balanced with a mix of traditional East Kent Golding and locally grown hops.


Alc. 5.2% // IBUs 25
174 Calories, 12 oz serving

Hunter Pale Ale

An American Pale Ale brewed with 2-row base malt with crystal malt.  This  ale features Magnum and Equinox hops.  It is named for our building, Hunter Memorial Baptist Church.  Or maybe it is named for our first assistant brewer, Mr. Hunter, who developed this recipe.


Alc. 5.6% // IBUs 41
159 Calories, 12 oz serving

Wee Heavy

A dark amber Scotch Ale, malty and sweet, brewed with Maris Otter and crystal malts.  A smooth malty sweetness balanced with East Kent Golding Hops.


Alc. 10.0% // IBUs 21
336 Calories, 12 oz serving


A light 60/ (Sixty Schilling) Scottish Ale, made from the same grain used in our Wee Heavy.  This easy drinking session brew strives for a low alcohol level while providing great bitterness and flavor from the large dose of East Kent Golding Hops.


Alc. 2.7% // IBUs 28
95 Calories, 12 oz serving

Imperialist's Nightmare IPA

As close to a traditional English IPA as we can get.  This is a SMASH IPA made exclusively with Maris Otter Malt and East Kent Golding hops.


Alc. 7.3% // IBUs 60
258 Calories, 12 oz serving

Prince Cont-iPA

Juicy and hazy New England style IPA.  Brewed with 2-row barley, malted wheat, rolled oats and honey malt.  Dry hopped with a blend of Ekuanot, Mosiac and Citra hops, with Hallertau Magnum and Centenial hops in the kettle.  Prince Conti was the royal patron of Henri "Iron Hand" DeTonti.


Alc. 6.2% // IBUs 25
195 Calories, 12 oz serving

DeTonti's Yellow Fever Blonde Ale

In 1704 a Yellow Fever outbreak claimed our namesake Henri "Iron Hand" DeTonti.  This brew honors a nearly forgotten Mobile, Alabama founding father.  This approachable ale uses American barley with a touch of German hops, to giving dry medium bodied feel with a slight malty sweetness.


Alc. 4.9% // IBUs 20
142 Calories, 12 oz serving

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