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Rebecca Williams - Founder


Benjamin Ross - Brewer

Ben started his brewing as a hobby shortly after meeting Rebecca.  After the first batch, he was hooked and began brewing both traditional and experimental styles.  While on vacation with Rebecca in the Beer mecca of Portland, Oregon, Rebecca made a flippant comment that "We should totally open a brewery."  Foolishly, two months later Ben was looking at potential properties all across the gulf coast, searching for the right location.  And what could be better than a long since abandoned church, a Baptist Church, no less.

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Johnnie Jones - Head Chef

Chef Johnnie has over 30 years cooking experience.  His parents both worked in the restaurant industry, and he started cooking so young that he had to use a step stool to reach the grill. He has tried his hand in other industries but always comes back to cooking. "I love to see people happy and enjoying the dishes I prepare," he says.

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Shae Daugbwag- Front of House Manager

Shae has nearly 30 years of restaurant management experience. She loves meeting new faces and interaction with people. Food is what makes most people happy, it brings family and or friends together. Running restaurants has been one of the most rewarding careers thus far. She has worked in quick service, full service and even accounting. She says "I’m not good sitting at a desk. But I am GREAT at welcoming you into my restaurant as if it were my home and making new forever friends."

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